PGR Partners

At Peter Gray Realty, we only align ourselves with the industry's most trusted and reputable brands.

Below is a list of just some of our Partners that assist us in delivering the best possible experience and service for our clients.


As a professional buyers’ advocate, Rosie Murphy is a thoughtful, hands-on property agent focused on helping purchasers achieve their property goals by tracking down the right home, at the right price, with a deal that supports and improves their long-term financial outlook.


Rosie and the Peter Gray Realty team often collaborate to assist each of our clients to achieve their property goal - selling for the best possible price with Peter Gray Realty or purchasing with the assistance of R Murphy Property.


The advantage of this for Peter Gray Realty vendors is that our team has access to a database of active and qualified purchasers right at our fingertips. We work with Rosie to match her purchasers with their dream or next property investment for their portfolio.