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Our Services


Personalisation is Key


As a boutique real estate agency, Peter Gray Realty provides exceptional one-on-one service and as a result, is proud to operate predominantly on a referral basis. No two clients are seen as the same, with their differing goals treated uniquely and then strategically achieved after careful consideration of both the individual needs of each client and the property market climate. This thorough and broad support comes standard with every Peter Gray Realty service from start to finish (we’ve even been known to paint the front fence for an upcoming auction).

Flexible Technology


Peter Gray Realty is proud to provide landlords access to an intuitive cloud-based network that ensures complete transparency when it comes to reports and information regarding their investment property. Property Tree can be accessed at any time and from anywhere via a private login and password. The agency also adopts an evolved approach to technology by offering zoom inspections and tours, as well as 3D virtual floor plans, which allow clients to access properties no matter their personal location and therefore broadens the scope of service we can provide.

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Having represented clients from over 100 suburbs across Melbourne and beyond, Peter Gray Realty is well-versed in selling property across various residential pockets and has achieved above-market results via Private Sale, Expressions of Interest, Auction and Off Market Sale. In-depth appraisals are done before going to market and can be adjusted in accordance with the market throughout the listing process, again ensuring that all parties achieve their desired outcome and price.

Property Management


Whether you are a tenant or a landlord, Peter Gray Realty provides an extensive property management service that ensures both parties are left nothing short of being happy and feeling supported. Investors can expect a thorough appraisal of their property to determine a realistic and achievable rental income that is in line with market demand, which will ensure the property is quickly filled and with quality tenants. Tenants can expect unprecedented support throughout the entirety of their tenancy.


Our Marketing

It is important to establish a level of insurance between agent and vendor via a well-executed marketing campaign that promotes high interest among prospective buyers and works effortlessly to get a speedy sale at the maximum price.


Peter Gray Realty takes a personalised approach when it comes to marketing a property for sale or rent by identifying the right demographic and then attracting the right buyer via their preferred print and/or digital consumption.




It is imperative that agencies market themselves within the digital space strategically in order to adequately reach a wider scope of clients and speak to them via platforms they are most comfortable communicating with.


Peter Gray Realty uses digital initiatives such as social media, Google Ads and website promotion to form part of the broader marketing strategy and shapes their use individually to suit each property uniquely.


Properties are also featured prominently on industry websites across the Australian, Chinese and Middle Eastern markets ensuring that prospective buyers and tenants can be identified and targeted no matter their geographic location.




Print marketing very much still has a place in the real estate industry. When used in conjunction with digital marketing strategies, it can elevate a property’s presence and speak to those who still prefer to consume a more conventional style of property promotion.


Peter Gray Realty adopts traditional print strategies by offering quarter, half and full-page lift outs in Fairfax Media, as well as perfectly styled and presented boards and brochures that leave lasting impressions on prospective buyers and tenants.

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