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Take a moment to listen to my interview with Darren Standish for the Property Secrets Podcast where we discuss "The Ripple Effect" Investment Strategies, Equity Creation, Long-term investment and my insider property secrets.

Real Estate Matters provides lots of information about ‘the game of real estate’. It is especially for new players. So if you are a first time renter, first home buyer or first time investor this is podcast series is designed for you. I spoke with Toni Planinsek about all the different aspects of getting into property. You will learn not only the basic real estate information, but the tips and tricks of the trade. You will be able to move into property like a pro - independently and with confidence.

ABC News

RBA interest rate cuts won't save the economy from coronavirus, but there are policies that may.


Reserve Bank of Australia

Interest Rate Decisions – 2020

Australian Taxation Office

First home super saver scheme.