"My name is my business."

In an industry where so many claim to be different, but very few really are, Peter Gray has taken the leap to ‘walk-the-talk’ and build a real estate agency with a genuine point of differentiation. 


To understand his company, we need to understand the person. Peter’s path to real estate via his original career as a chef and then his path to a sales role within real estate from an introduction in property management, been unconventional and very much from the grass roots up. It may be cliché to say he gained an innate understanding of client service in these years, but over his 17 years in the industry his perspective is like few others’.


The catalyst for Peter’s career change into real estate was the opportunity to work with his beloved mother in the family business. Ahead of her times and something of an icon in the industry, Toni Planinsek was an inspiration to Peter and helped infuse him with an understanding that values, caring for customers and behaving with integrity can be of greater value than simply listing as many properties as possible.


Continuing his mother’s legacy of standing for something broader than just the financial, Peter is

seeking to infuse his passion for the industry with

a pledge of honesty and integrity. ‘Sometimes’ Peter acknowledges, ‘the hardest conversations are telling our vendors what they don’t want to hear’, with Peter, these hard conversations will be had with the client’s best interests at heart. 


Like most agents, Peter will unquestionably work hard to achieve the best possible results for his vendors. He would rather miss a listing due to being transparent however, to retain the reputation of his name. Peter is looking to build business relationships with his sellers and buyers to provide an exceptional service like no other, a long-term view rather than short-term and one that Peter believes will help redefine the industry.

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